Guardians of Ancora

Poster advertising the Guardians of Ancora Holiday Bible Club

Local children discover lost story-treasures at church’s holiday club.

Local children had fun this summer at Christ Church, Stock's action-packed, fast-moving holiday club! The holiday club was based on Scripture Union’s 'Guardians of Ancora' app. Each day's activities, which included games, crafts music and drama, centred upon recovering a lost story-treasure, representing a Bible story.

Leader of the holiday club Julia Roberton was pleased with the way the event went. ‘We had a great week, searching for lost treasures and sharing stories from the Bible!’

One nine year old said: ‘We played loads of games, sang songs, made stuff… it was brilliant!’
(August 2017)

Download the 'Guardians of Ancora' app to continue the exciting Bible adventures - free for all your favourite mobile devices

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